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FORSUN in Iran ConMin 2016


Forsun had prepared exhibition well on Nov. 4 at Tehran International Permanent Fairground in Iran and shown our drilling products from Nov. 5--Nov.8 for Iran ConMin 2016. During exhibition, we met and talked with every visitors who came to our stand. Forsun is always focusing on the best products’ quality and the most earnest service for global drilling company.

IranConMin is the region‘s leading trade fair for the international construction machinery, mining equipment, building and natural stone sectors. Benefit from the unique procreative synergy of industry, po-litics and research.

IranConMin is the well-established platform to present your products, innovations and solutions to an attractive clientele in one of the most important growth-markets with excellent business opportunities.

IranConMin host for the first time the special showcase ceramitec show-ing the entire range of the ceramics industry – from the manufacturers to suppliers and researchers.

IranConMin FORUM is embedded in the trade fair and gives exhibitors, trade associations and partners an international communication plat-form for showcasing the latest product developments, trends and mar-ket analyses in form of presentations and panel discussions.

IranConMin will be accompanying by the International Mining Congress to present and discuss latest developments and technologies