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Casing & Casing Shoe Bits are used for standard drilling down or positioning casing tubes into drill holes.
Casing Shoe Bit 
The inside diameter of the casing shoe bit is not set with diamonds sometimes(surface set Type) and flush with the inside diameter of the casing. Basically,the corresponding size of Drill Bits and Core Barrels have to get through the inner diameter of the casing shoe bits freely.

Casing Bit
The inside diameter of the Casing Bits are set with  diamonds and is smaller than the Casing  Shoe Bits. It will not permit the passage of the core barrel.

Rod Shoe Bit

We also make the Rods Shoe Bits to use with the Wireline Drill Rods.

Depending on the cutting media, Forsun makes four types of Casing & Casing .

shoe & Rod Shoe Bits:

---Impregnated Diamond Casing & Casing shoe & Rod Shoe Bits

---Surface set Casing & Casing shoe & Rod Shoe Bits

---Tungsten Carbide Casing & Casing shoe & Rod Shoe Bits

---Electroplated Diamond Casing & Casing shoe & Rod Shoe Bits

  • Dimensions of Casing shoe & Rod shoe bits .PDF
    Dimensions of Casing bits .PDF

    Impregnated TypeSurface Set TypeT.C. Type
    Electroplated Type