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Tungsten Carbide (T.C.) Core Bit

Tungsten Carbide Core Bits are designed especially for soil investigation and geotechnical drilling, but also suitable in some applications for mineral exploration.

As the Tunsten carbide is softer than Diamond stones, the formation which these bits are able to handle are limited in the range of soft and some medium hard rocks.

Forsun provides two types of T.C. Core Bits : 
Standard T.C. Core Bit 

Unless otherwise specified, the octagonal inserts is the standard for this type of T.C. core bits, with various sizes according to different bit kerf widths.


Carbotec T.C. Core Bit
Carbotec bit is another type of tungsten carbide bits, consisting of tungsten carbide fragments fused together to form a crown with multiple cutting edges. They are particularly effective for cutting in formations which are highly fractured or contain loose pebbles. Carbotec T.C. bit causes less vibration and offer better core recovery than standard T.C. bits.