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Wireline Inner/Outer Tube Wrenches: WLB, WLN, WLH, WLP
Pipe Wrenches: 18", 24",  36", 48"
Circular Wrenches: 66mm, 76mm, 86mm, 101mm, 116mm
Rod Wrenches: WLN, WLH, 42mm, 50mm 
Application: Wrench is used to tighten or loose the tubes during drilling.

Recovery Taps / Fishing Tools
Rod Recovery Taps, Casing Recovery Taps 
Application: Recovery taps are used for recovery of drill pipe, casing tube when the accidents happen during drilling.

Adaptor Subs
Drill Rod Adaptor Subs, Casing Adaptor Subs etc. 
Application: Adaptor subs are made of high quality alloy steel. Connections can be made as per clients' requests.

Foot Clamps

Application: Foot Clamps are used to prevent drill rods slipping down the borehole when lowering or extracting.

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