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SPT Automatic Trip Harmmer, SPT Split Tube sampler, Heavy duty "Tulflok" Split Tube Sampler,SPT Drive Rod

The Automatic Trip Hammer is manufactured for complying with the Standard Penetration Test (SPT) to BS 1377: Part 9: 1990. SPT Drive Rods and a Split Tube Sampler are connected to base of the anvil, and driven into the ground by the falling weight.

The Automatic Trip Hammer comprises a weight of 63.5 kg complete with pick-up and self-tripping mechanism that ensures that the weight has a free-fall of exactly 760 mm. The inner shaft acts as a guide that permits the weight to drop with minimal resistance and ensures that the weight strikes the anvil squarely.

The SPT drive rods thread usually be processed with a 1.1/2" B.S. whitworth to fit our standard SPT rods. Adaptors to other types of drill rod can be supplied on request.

The overall length of the hammer is 2.6 m extended and 1.8 m when unextended. The total weight of the hammer is 107 kg.


1. Outer Tube Assembly C/W Pawls

2. Inner Guide Shaft

3. Drop Weight

4. Anvil

SPT Split Tube Sampler design for carry out the Standard Penetration Test  (SPT) to BS 1377: Part 9: 1990 

and ASTM standards. The Top Ball Valve  Adaptor, pair of Split Spoons, and open SPT Shoe compose a complete 

of  Split Tube Sampler. A Basket Retainer made from steel also is available  as an option the sampler. The ball valve 

adaptor prevents samples from  being washed out of the sampler when it is withdrawn from the borehole. 

A 60 degree nose cone or long solid rod with 60 degree point is available for carrying out SPT (c) tests in 

gravel and loose material. The screw  connection on the top adaptor depends on the type of drill rods being  used to drive the sampler. Most frequently used rods are 1-1/2" B.S.  Whitworth, NWY Rod, BW or AW.

The standard Split Tube Sampler is 2" (50.8 mm) OD x 1-3/8" (34.9 mm ) ID x 18" (457 mm) / 24" (610 mm) long. For heavy driving conditions, the Heavy-duty "Tuflok" design is available.  

For heavy driving conditions, the Heavy-duty "Tuflok" design is available. 



1. Ball Valeve Adaptor

2. Split Tubes

3. Basket Retainer

4. SPT shoe


The junction of tuflok type between ball valve adaptor and split tubes 

is thicker than conventional type, in order that bear greater impact force.

SPT Drive Rods are manufactured to connect with the SPT Split Tube Sampler and comply with the BS 1377: Part 9: 1990.

The rod O.D. is 54 mm with solid 1-1/2" B.S. Whitworth male and female tool joints on each end. The tool joints are friction welding with 

the Rods and has a pair of spanner flats to facilitate handling

The rod weighs only 8.8 kg per meter but is both stronger and stiffer. It has four kinds of standard lengths, like 3.0m, 1.5m, 1.0m and 0.75m.